Peace Candle

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Zenituals Peace Meditation Candle is perfectly suited to calm the mind. Indulge in the blend of Ylang Ylang's rich and fruity floral notes, paired with sweet and soothing lavender, fresh chamomile, and earthy patchouli. Zenituals Peace is designed to transport the mind, body, and soul into a state of total calm and relaxation. Carve out a few moments each day, connect with yourself and transform all the chaos that surrounds you into blissful simplicity.

SIZE: 3oz (85g) // BURN TIME: 25-30hrs // SKU: PEACE-CP



Surrender to a state of tranquility and bring forth all those cherished moments of simplicity


Work with the calming vibration of this unique formulation of essential oils during your hours or relaxation or during a meditation session. Peace Candle is also great to use in your home when you want to quiet down your space and create a state of zen.


Surrender to tranquility and bring forth simplicity each time you light a Zenituals Peace Meditation Candle and immerse yourself within its vibrational frequency. Indulge in an aromatic medley of sensuous Ylang Ylang and Lavender notes, to help connect with your inner child and remove barriers, paired up with Blue Chamomile and Patchouli, to remove blocks and help you feel a sense of total calm. Altogether, this mystical blend of essential oils will align your being with a peaceful vibration during a meditation session and during times of contemplation.

Regardless of how chaotic your life may be, carving out a few moments each day to connect with yourself can yield a tremendous amount of benefits. Zenituals Peace is designed to transport the mind, body, and soul into a state of total calm and relaxation.


Whether your time is brief or extended, our candle packs deliver the best throw of scent each and every time, from start to finish.

We use non-GMO soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks with braided paper fibers, which offer a clean and even burn.

Our candles are just the right size for portability. Whether you are traveling or are out and about locally, take these handy candles with you and indulge in an escape whenever you need it the most.

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Experience the difference that a Zenituals Candle has to offer


There is Candlemaking and then there is Zenituals Candlemaking.

Many factors contribute to a candle that consistently fills a room with an inviting scent. From the selection of the wick and wax to the formulation of a candle's scent and the quality of oils that are used, a quality candle must check off all the boxes.

With the Zenituals brand of candles, you can expect to receive a candle that not only gives you a consistent scent, each and every time you use it, but a candle that also offers a clean and safe burn.



There are many reasons to choose a Zenituals Candle. 

Pure Essential Oils
Our candles are made with a unique combination of 100% Essential Oils. We don't use any fragrance oils whatsoever within the Zenituals line of products.  

A Lasting Fragrance
We use a high ratio to oil to wax, which means Zenituals Candle scents never diminish and always fill a room with a memorable fragrance.

Our aim is to make meditation and personal reflection as easy and accessible as any of your other daily rituals. Take your Zenituals candles with you and meditate with them anytime.

We use non-GMO soy wax that is free from pesticides, herbicides, and animal testing. 

Clean Burn
We use lead-free cotton wicks that have braided paper fibers, which offer a clean and even burn. 

Made in Canada
Our candles are made and hand-poured in Canada. 



      Ultrasonic Diffusers have become immensely popular these days due to their ease of use as well as how they throw off a scent. With diffusers, oils are carried within water vapor droplets. This makes for a light and airy effect with respect to the scent that is being diffused. This sort of scent is great to have in the background or when you're engaged in moments of relaxation. 

      Candles tend to offer a more robust experience with respect to scent, which makes them ideal to use during meditation. Oil and wax are an ideal mix (compared to oil and water) and wax vapor is denser than water vapor. This makes for a more richer throw of scent when a candle is being used. For all the benefits that candles offer, there are some points to consider. It is important to select candles that do not contain chemicals or toxins and you must always use them with caution to mitigate fire hazards. Always follow the safety instructions on your candles.

      At Zenituals, we always make it a priority to use clean and wholesome ingredients in our candles. Our wax is made from 100% non-GMO soybeans that are ethically sourced from renewable and sustainable crops that are domestically grown. Our wax is also biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides. We also use lead-free cotton core wicks that have braided paper fibers.




      How long are your processing times?

      Typically, orders will ship out the following day after they are received however, please allow up to 2-3 business days for your order to be processed to account for times when quantities are limited. We produce our products in smaller batches to ensure freshness, quality and maximum shelf life. 

      How long are your shipping times?

      We ship orders out to customers in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Approximate shipping times are as follows:

      Once shipped, your order will arrive within 2-8 business days.
      Once shipped, your order will arrive within 5-8 business days.
      Once shipped, please allow 1 to 3 weeks for shipping.

      What is your return policy?

      We think you’ll love our products as much as we love making them. However, if you are not entirely satisfied, please let us know within 30 days of the date of your purchase and we will begin the refund process. To initiate a refund, email us and provide your order information. Also, please note that returned items must be unopened and in their original packaging.



      What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

      Essential oils are naturally occurring scented oils that are extracted from plants, typically through a distillation process. This ensures that their medicinal and vibrational properties remain intact. 

      Fragrance oils are synthetic scented oils and they are formulated within laboratories. Their synthetic properties offer stronger scents however because these are chemical compounds, fragrance oils do not have the added benefit of the medicinal and vibrational properties that naturally occurring essential oils offer.

      Where are your oils sourced from?

      Our suppliers source out our essential oils from producers all over the world. We always seek out the highest quality oils to use in our products.

      Are essential oils okay to use around my pets?

      If you are concerned about any possible reactions, monitor your pet when they are around and you are using the oils/candles. You may wish to consult with your vet if you have any specific concerns. 

      Can I ingest Zenitual’s essential oils?

      Our products are for external use only.

      What is the shelf life of your essential oils?

      Our essential oils generally have a two-year shelf life. We use amber bottles, which are designed to restrict exposure to light and maximize shelf-life. When not in use, store essential oils in a dark and cool environment (away from sunlight).

      Candles should be stored with the lid securely placed back upon the tin to ensure maximum shelf life and freshness. 



      Why is the type of wax used in candles important to consider?

      When a candle burns, its scent is not all that you breathe in. The melted wax of the candle also produces fumes, which you also inhale. It is important to avoid inhaling the fumes of an undesirable wax. For instance, soy wax is a popular choice of candle wax however, one has to watch out for GMO exposure. In our candle products, we use non-GMO, pesticide-free, Canadian-grown soy wax.

      Why do Zenitual candles turn to liquid when they're lit?

      We wanted to produce a high-quality candle when we set out to create our line of meditation candles. This meant that our candles would have to always produce a great scent, from start to finish, and the wax could not tunnel either. They had to be portable, and finally, the candles had to be safe and healthy to consume. These requirements are what lead to the production of Zenituals Meditation Candles. 

      We use the highest possible essential oil to wax ratio within our candles. This is partly the reason why our candle wax fully turns to liquid when they're in use. Our choice of wick and container also contribute to the liquid effect as well. The liquidity eliminates tunneling and ensures a good throw of scent. 

      While the liquidity is good, you must be sure to always place our candles on a flat and hard surface when they're in use. 

      Why are Zenitual’s candles in metal containers?

      Our candle tins are just the right size to make them portable. They're also sized perfectly to create a clean and even burn.

      Regardless of where you enjoy your meditation candles, be sure to always place your candles on a flat and hard surface when they're in use. 

      Why are Zenitual’s candles only 3 ounces?

      Our candles are designed for portability and freshness. Don’t be fooled by their size, however... Zenituals Meditation Candles contain a high ratio of essential oils, which means that they not only throw off a great scent each and every time you light them, but they also last a long time. Small candles that smell great each and every time you use them and they last a long time - how great is that?

      Why is wick maintenance important?

      Always trim your to wick per the instructions on your candle before each use. Not only will this preserve the life of your candle and ensure a clean and even burn, but it will also prevent excess sooting and larger flames. Follow all the safety guidelines provided when lighting a candle. 

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