Why Zenituals

Zenituals was created to give people a way to get centered in a world that is growing ever more complex with each passing day. Our story is really one about self-empowerment. We have always drawn incredible strength from the practice of going inward, connecting with ourselves through meditation, and employing mindfulness as a way to remain resilient and anchored within the present moment. Scent has always been a vital part of this process and an essential ingredient for success. Through the use of candles and essential oils, escaping into the present moment becomes rapid and effortless. The Zenituals brand was designed to capture this process and bring it into a tactile experience that people can use on a daily basis.

Zenituals candles and diffuser oils offer a clean, pure and wholesome experience. There are no additives, fillers or chemicals in our products. Our meditation and mindfulness tools help to transform daily moments of reflection and connecting within into an experience that is physical. They transform what is otherwise a difficult process for many into one that is simple and readily available when it is most needed.

It is through simplicity that one can begin to achieve clarity, power their way through life, and get back to who they truly are. From this vantage point, self-empowerment is inevitable.