Rose is the essential oil for all forms of Love

Rose is the essential oil for all forms of Love

Working with the scent of rose is an experience unlike any other... Return your spirit back to its true state, that of joy and fulfillment.

Imagine meditating or relaxing in your garden when the early morning sun is upon you and there is nothing else but blissful silence amidst the ebb and flow of nature coming to life, along with the vibrant scent of the first blooms of summer roses filling the air. As you breathe it all in, the aromatic scent of the rose's fragrant blossoms begins to immerse you within a vibration of love... and then, over the next hour, this vibration goes on to nurture your heart and soul as you transcend into a deep state of relaxation. This is what it is like to work with the vibrational properties of rose and why it is an essential addition to any aromatherapy oil collection. Try Zenituals Rose Diffuser Oil today and immerse yourself within an experience just like this.

This timeless and classic floral scent may be synonymous with romance, but its vibrational properties help heal all areas of love, including the variety that spark joy within yourself. Attracting love within all areas of your life, from romance to the love that you feel for yourself, are all important and this powerful essential oil can help transport you into a state of mind that is most conducive to working with the energy of love.


Lighting an essential oil candle is a great way to immerse yourself in the vibrational properties of the oil.